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We're pioneers in North Shields, the first of our kind. 

We're proudly independent, allowing us to shape our brand, our community, and our marketing to align with our values and your needs. It's about freedom and authenticity.

What is Harbour House?

Harbour House, the epicenter of creativity and collaboration nestled in the heart of our vibrant community. This unique space was born from a vision to transcend traditional boundaries of art, work, and social interaction, establishing itself as a testament to the power of collective imagination and innovation.

Our mission is unwavering: to provide a dynamic ecosystem where creatives from diverse disciplines can come together to inspire, create, and collaborate. We're dedicated to nurturing the seeds of ideas, allowing them to flourish into impactful projects and enterprises, all within a community that believes in the transformative power of sharing space and vision.

Harbour House occupies the architectural rejuvenation of a once-forgotten structure, meticulously designed to foster an environment of productivity and creativity. The space offers everything from studios for artists and designers to bespoke offices for startups and entrepreneurs, along with communal areas designed for workshops, events, and leisure. It's a place where innovation knows no bounds, and the physical environment is as flexible and diverse as the community that fills it.

At the heart of it all is our community—a diverse network of thinkers, creators, and innovators ranging from seasoned professionals to emerging talents. Members of Harbour House share a common desire to push boundaries and explore new horizons, making it not just a place to work but a place to grow, learn, and connect.

Looking forward, Harbour House aspires to be more than just a physical space. We aim to be a beacon for cultural and creative growth, both locally and beyond. We envision a world where creativity is uninhibited, ideas drive progress, and community is the cornerstone of all success. Join us, and begin your creative journey at Harbour House.

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The House 

The House, our rentable spaces designed to nurture creativity and foster a vibrant community. Here, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Step into a dynamic environment where artists, designers, and entrepreneurs come together to share ideas, inspire one another, and turn visions into reality. The House is not just a space; it's a thriving ecosystem where connections are forged, and friendships are made. Our community of like-minded individuals supports and uplifts each other, creating a harmonious and inspiring atmosphere.

Eat, Drink, Social

offering is a delightful fusion of culinary experiences, social interactions, and vibrant vibes. Indulge in an exciting array of flavors and aromas at our brunch spot and bar-restaurant, where amazing food meets a night ambiance with cocktails and music. Co. Interiors, our exclusive designers' showroom, hosts a plethora of events for interior lovers. The top floor event space, known as "The Dock," sets the stage for art shows, product launches, book talks, wellness days, live music, and more. Here, creative minds converge, sparking connections and collaborations that bring our dynamic community to life. Enjoy a holistic experience where creativity thrives alongside culinary delights and social connections flourish.

Membership Club 

Exciting news awaits! Comming soon our exclusive Membership Club is on the horizon, bringing you a host of premium benefits. Get ready to unlock a world of exclusive offerings and captivating events, designed to elevate your Harbour House experience. As a member, you'll enjoy irresistible discounts throughout HH, savoring our culinary delights, creative spaces, and wellness offerings at special rates. But that's not all! Gain first access to our upcoming projects, immerse yourself in our thriving community, and be at the forefront of the Harbour House journey


Co. Interiors, a haven for interior enthusiasts and design aficionados. Step into a world of creativity and inspiration as we curate an exquisite collection of interior pieces and decor. From chic furnishings to unique art pieces, every item has been carefully selected to elevate your living spaces. Whether you're seeking to revamp your home or find the perfect gift for a loved one, Co. Interiors has you covered. Our dedicated team of interior experts is here to assist you in bringing your design vision to life. Discover endless possibilities and create your dream space with Co.


Here to inspire creativity 

add a new meaning 

We're rewriting the story

We're not just property managers; we're pioneers, visionaries, and your partners in growth. Here's how we're reshaping the landlord-tenant relationship:

Transparency Unveiled

We're the first to pull back the curtain and invite you behind the scenes. Discover the journey, the hard work, and the dedication that goes into making Harbour House a creative haven.

Content Creators

Our commitment to showcasing our tenants, or as we fondly call them, "Houseys," sets us apart. We create content that puts you in the spotlight, giving you exposure and celebrating your unique talents.

Growth Catalysts

Our goal isn't just to manage properties; it's to fuel your growth. We actively seek out opportunities for our Houseys and promote your work within our vast network.

Community Builders

We're not just building spaces; we're building a vibrant community of creatives. As your landlord, we're invested in your success, fostering connections, and providing opportunities for collaboration.

Creative Hub

We're not confined to traditional landlord roles. We're part of a dynamic creative ecosystem, where your success is our success. Our spaces are designed to inspire and nurture your creativity.


We don't conform to traditional rules. We create our own path, allowing us to innovate freely and build a truly unique creative community.

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