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Northern Rye - Handcrafted, small-batch bakery

We're proud to spotlight one of our Houseys, Northern Rye Bakery, where the art of bread-making is elevated to new heights. The bakery has mastered the craft of slow fermentation, a method that's as much about patience as it is about skill.

Using only the fundamental ingredients of flour, water, and salt, their sourdough bread undergoes a meticulous fermentation process, lasting anywhere from 12 to 28 hours. This not only enhances digestion but also enriches the bread with a depth of flavor, aroma, and a crust that's simply unparalleled.But the dedication to the slow craft doesn't end with bread. Northern Rye's pastries, each a testament to the baker's art, are the result of a labor of love that spans up to three days. This commitment to process ensures that every bite tells a story of tradition, patience, and passion.

Quality is at the heart of everything Northern Rye does. The bakery insists on using only the finest ingredients, with flours sourced from renowned British millers such as Gilchesters in Northumberland and Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire. These aren't just any flours; they're organic, often stone ground, bringing more flavor and nutrients to every loaf and pastry. This choice reflects Northern Rye's dedication to not only crafting the perfect bite but also supporting sustainable agriculture practices.

In the bustling community of Harbour House, Northern Rye stands out as a beacon of culinary excellence, blending traditional techniques with a modern twist. It's not just a bakery; it's an experience, inviting everyone who walks through its doors to pause and savor the simple, yet profound, joys of expertly crafted bread and pastries. Whether you're a fellow Housey or a visitor, Northern Rye Bakery promises a taste of the extraordinary, right here under our shared roof.

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