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We're pioneers in the northeast, the first of our kind. 

That authenticity is the foundation of a vibrant and thriving community. We don't leave the formation of our community to chance; we curate it with intention. Here's how we ensure the authenticity of our community by hand-picking our tenants:

What is the HH Community.

In the bustling world of creativity and entrepreneurship, finding your tribe can make all the difference.

Our vibrant community is a melting pot of creative minds from various disciplines, and it's the perfect environment for fostering collaboration, innovation, and personal development. Here, you'll find a place to expand your creative horizons, whether you're an artist, entrepreneur, designer, or simply someone with a passion for the arts.

We've cultivated a community of like-minded individuals who understand the highs and lows of your journey. We get it – the creative process is a rollercoaster ride, and the entrepreneurial path is laden with challenges. Within our vibrant ecosystem, you'll encounter fellow creatives who've weathered similar storms, conquered anxiety, and turned their dreams into reality.

They're your mentors, comrades in arms, your sounding boards, and your greatest cheerleaders. Their experiences can offer valuable insights and guidance, helping you navigate the twists and turns of your journey.

Sometimes you need to be in the right circles.


Creating the HH CMTY 

Curated Houseys

Selective tenant process - We don't simply lease space to anyone who applies. Instead, we've developed a meticulous tenant selection process. We consider not just the professional backgrounds but also the character and values of potential tenants.

Diversity and Complimentary

We value diversity, but we also understand the importance of complimentary. Our goal is to create a community where each member's skills and strengths enhance those of others, fostering mutual growth.

Avoiding Overlaps

One of our unique features is our commitment to ensuring that no two tenants overlap in terms of their offerings. This means that our community members can collaborate without the fear of direct competition.

Long Term Vision

Our selection process considers long-term compatibility. We aim to create a community that grows together, sharing in each other's successes over the years.

“Through this careful and thoughtful tenant selection process, we've fostered an authentic community that not only coexists but thrives. Our hand-picked tenants form the backbone of a community that inspires, collaborates, and supports each other on their creative journeys.”


Let's Grow


“We take immense pride in our approach to tenant curation. We understand that the success of our community hinges on the quality of its members. Here's a closer look at how we curate our tenants to ensure excellence.”

Selective Process

Our tenant curation process begins with a selective mindset. We're not looking to fill spaces; we're looking for the perfect fit. Each tenant undergoes a thorough evaluation to determine their alignment with our values and community goals.

Collaborative Potential

We assess each potential tenant for their collaborative potential. Harbour House thrives on the collective creativity of its members. Our curated tenants are chosen not only for their individual excellence but for their ability to enhance the whole through collaboration.

Supportive Ecosystem:

We're committed to creating an ecosystem where businesses can flourish. Our curation process ensures that no two tenants directly compete, reducing potential conflicts and encouraging mutual support.

Strategic Diversity

We believe in the power of diversity. While we select tenants based on their unique offerings and expertise, we also seek diversity in backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This enriches our community and fosters creative synergy.

Active Participation

We encourage our tenants to actively participate in the Harbour House community. Whether it's through attending events, mentoring others, or contributing to community-driven initiatives, our curated tenants are invested in the success of the whole.

Long-Term Vision

Our curation process considers long-term compatibility. We look for tenants who share a commitment to the long-haul journey of creativity and community building. We're not just looking for tenants; we're seeking long-term partners in growth.

Community Enrichment

We assess how each tenant can enrich our community, both within our walls and in the broader local and regional context. Our curated tenants are not just occupants; they're community builders.

“Through our meticulous tenant curation process, we've assembled a community of excellence that continues to push creative boundaries. Our curated tenants are the heartbeat of Harbour House, elevating our collective pursuit of creativity, innovation, and positive impact.”

working in collaboration

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