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The House

Houseys are where it's at. 

At The House, our studio spaces are where visionaries come to break the mold. Gone off the blueprints, our studios are dynamic, evolving with the creative pulse of the community. These aren't just four walls and a desk; they are incubators for ideas, designed to adapt to the fluid needs of modern creators. Every studio is a blank canvas, promising the freedom to craft a personalized haven that resonates with your unique creative rhythm. With natural light bathing each space and fostering an ambiance where focus meets inspiration, our studios are not just about working; they're about experiencing the joy of creating in a place that understands the importance of aesthetics, function, and flexibility. Welcome to a space that's as boundless as your imagination. Welcome to the studios at Harbour House.

Spaces are going off plan 

our studio spaces are a testament to the power of imagination and the allure of potential. Even as they remain under construction, the vast majority of our studios have already been claimed — chosen off the plans by those who see beyond the dust and beams. These creators and entrepreneurs have envisioned the finished space as their own, trusting in the promise of what's to come. Our houseys have recognised this potential, seizing the opportunity to craft their future in a place that is becoming the epicenter of creativity in North Shields. There are only a few studios left — a rare chance to be part of a community where your creative space grows with you.

Is it too late? To become a Housey

Absolutely not. We're down to our final 4 spaces, but there’s still a window of opportunity to join our thriving collective. At Harbour House, we take pride in our curation process, ensuring that each new addition harmonizes with the existing fabric of our Houseys. Our goal is to foster a space that’s not just shared, but symbiotic, where collaboration is organic and every member adds to the vibrancy of our ecosystem. If you're looking to be part of a community where your creative vision can soar and align with like-minded innovators, now's your chance to apply to be a Housey.

Bts of quay studios

Power of Inspiration: We believe in creating an environment that sparks creativity and innovation. Our spaces are designed to inspire you every day.


Authentic Community: We are more than just a workplace; we are an authentic community of creatives. Here, you'll find like-minded individuals who share your passion for creativity and growth. Highlight the importance of collaboration


Curated Tenants: Our curated tenant selection ensures that no two businesses overlap, fostering collaboration and diversity within our community.


Marketing: Highlighting any collaborative marketing efforts between our tenants. For example, if they have hosted joint events or campaigns, share their success stories. Create content showcasing each tenant monthly.


Network: Our space creates networking opportunities for tenants, with like-minded creatives

Why HH?
After office Hours
Oh there's more 

Diverse Community: Our community is a rich tapestry of creative minds from various fields. By bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds, we create an atmosphere where different perspectives collide, leading to unexpected moments of inspiration.


Collaborative Spaces: Our spaces are designed to encourage collaboration. Whether it's our eateries, communal areas, or event venues, every nook and cranny is intended to spark interaction and idea sharing.

Events and Networking: From art exhibitions to tech meetups, our events are curated to inspire. They offer opportunities for networking, learning, and the exchange of creative energy.

Shared Success Stories: We celebrate the successes of our community members. These stories serve as beacons of inspiration for others, showcasing what's possible within our creative ecosystem.

Mentorship and Support: Harbour House fosters mentorship and peer support. We believe in the power of seasoned professionals guiding and inspiring newcomers.


Embracing Failure: We recognize that failure is often a stepping stone to success. By creating a safe space where experimentation and learning from mistakes are encouraged, we inspire risk-taking and innovation.

“In essence, we are more than just a workspace; we are a source of constant inspiration. Our commitment to nurturing creativity, fostering collaboration, and building a strong community is underpinned by the belief that inspiration is the cornerstone of progress.”

Here for the good and the bad

Be part of something bigger

It's hard when you're self employed, to find the support of other like minded individuals. Here at HH they are all under one roof

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