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The importance
of being independent 

Cornerstone of our identity. We don't just fit into the mold; we break it. Here's how our independence is revolutionising the way we operate.

Independence fuels our creative spirit. We're not bound by corporate constraints, allowing us to approach community building with innovative ideas and fresh perspectives. 

With independence comes transparency. We're not tied to corporate hierarchies, which means we can engage in direct and open communication with our community, addressing concerns and feedback promptly.

Our commitment to the local community runs deep, and our independence lets us make decisions that benefit North Shields and its creative ecosystem without external pressures.

Dreamt it. 

At the core of Harbour House lies a dream, one that started as a whisper of what could be and grew into a clarion call for creativity.

It began with a simple yet powerful idea: to transform a neglected space in North Shields into a thriving hub for creatives, entrepreneurs, and dreamers alike. Our founders envisioned a place where the walls would echo with ideas, laughter, and the clinking of coffee cups; a sanctuary where the community could gather, create, and inspire one another. This dream was nurtured with each blueprint, each stroke of paint, and each chosen Housey, blossoming into the vibrant reality that Harbour House is today. Here, we stand as a testament to the belief that with vision and dedication, dreams can indeed take form, creating a legacy that will inspire for generations to come.


The essence of creation is at the forefront of our foundation. This is where ideas are nurtured from their infancy and crafted into their fullest expression. Our spaces are designed to inspire, equipped to handle every artistic or entrepreneurial endeavor, and flexible enough to accommodate the unique processes of all our residents. Here, creation is not just an action, it's a way of living.


 The thread that weaves the fabric of the HH community. We believe that the strongest ideas come from collaboration, which is why we've built a network that facilitates interactions among creatives, thinkers, and doers. From impromptu brainstorming sessions to structured networking events, our environment fosters relationships that extend beyond the walls of HH. 


Where the growth of our members is our most significant achievement. Beyond providing a place to work, we strive to offer a platform where individuals and businesses can flourish. With resources to propel professional development, wellness initiatives to maintain work-life balance, and cultural events to enrich personal growth, HH is not just a location but a crucible for success.

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